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Welcome to Timothy's Tractors we are a small business that opened in January of 2020 on Dort Hwy in Burton MI. Our owner, Timothy Wagner, has been working on tractors and mowers since he was able to walk and started the business in June of 2015. We recently opened our new location on Center Road in Burton MI.

Do you offer pick up and delivery?

Yes, pick up and delivery is $70 round trip.($35 each).

Do we sell used parts?

We discontinued used parts sales in 2020. 

What brands do we carry?

We carry Bad Boy mowers, efco handheld, Senix mowers, and Greenworks Pro.

Labor rates & storage fees.

Our labor rate is $90/hour. Storage fees are charged if the repair bill is not paid by the due date on invoice (NET 15) $5/day. If units are not paid within 30 days of due date on the invoice the unit will be sold for the cost of parts & repair.

What is an “aftermarket” part? How does it compare to an “OEM” part?

A part produced by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is considered to be “aftermarket.” Aftermarket parts are often very comparable in quality to OEM parts.

Why is it important to know my model number?

Parts may vary from year to year (even on the same equipment model), so it is important to use the correct model number to identify replacement parts. For more information on finding your model number,

Do you charge tax?

Sales tax will be charged according to the states requirements.


All sales are final. No refunds or returns.